As a result of the partnership between UDIMU and the digital agency Apptitude located in the heart of the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, the ASTRASENSO-OS (A-OS) makes it possible to control and consult with ease all the hardware and software parameters of the experiences: content updates, maintenance, design, trends, analysis of behavioural data, the A-OS represents a revolution that constitutes the ultimate customer experience.


Generating an automatic QR code

The instant connexion to the experience is done via a unique QR code automatically generated. The A-OS is a webapp that doesn’t need any type of preinstallation of any kind.

Unique Login

A unique new QR code is automatically generated for each usage to identify the leads, the user history or to collect any data with respect to the privacy of the user.



Interactive displays can show some limitations, the AO-S is providing the best of the physical experience and the e-commerce.


A-OS allows a fluid interaction with a simple and intuitive interface in between the user and the different parameters of the experience.



Once connected, the experience is an addition of the discovery of a product displayed in a store linked to a 2D, 3D or holographic content and e-commerce functionalities.



The user interface can easily be linked to the ERP of your web shop. Giving access to all functionalities (currencies, vouchers, gifts, etc.)


Lead capture

User parameters and analytics are automatically fed back to provide qualitative and quantitative data on the use of the experience.

Sales Booster Deck

Deck is your tailor-made virtual plateform dedicated to multiple industries in order to be an alternative to trade fair shows.

Live demo
One-to-one chat
Video call
Press conference

An immersive and interactive solution to challenge physical distancing

When possible, professional exhibitions and fairs involve substantial investments (stands, staff, logistic and others). ASTRASENSO has developed a unique and highly customizable tool that enables relevant and successful online business activity.

UNA Infinity

Branding customization
Cloud Computing
Cloud Content
Remote content management
Low Energy
Low Cost
Simplified maintenance
Interactive display piloted by A-OS