We push forward the perceptions of interactivity. Interaction serves the purpose, it adds value to the product, increases the way of understanding and apprehending it while putting the senses to work.

Our multi-sensory experiences include a wide range of options that can be combined on demand. They integrate all the senses, visual, olfactory, auditory and tactile, as well as a wide choice of interactive features.

We conceptualize your content in line with your user experience.

Sensor detection
Interactive lighting
3D Audio
Olfactory diffuser
User interaction
2D / 3D / Holo / AR

Sales Booster Experience

ASTRASENSO solutions are highly customisable. They consist of assembling functionalities developed around different interactive skills to modify them into new experiences.


AstraSenso experiences comes to life through a wide range of applications. Totems, displays, Led screen, Oled transparent screens or projections. The fields of application are infinite but find an immediate echo in the markets of point-of-sale (shops, retail stores), public space animation, events, street marketing and entertainment.


Appliance is designed to deliver the best desired experience. Adaptable to the location, space and type of target audience.


The design, materials and colours can be adapted to match your brand’s visual codes.


The dimensions correspond to efficiency standards but can be adapted if nedded.